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Our History

Nexidious was born out of a desire to expand opportunities, to be able to supply the entire 3D area, potential projects and clients, and also help new artists to start working, offering opportunities in some projects.

The studio was created in mid-2022, by Brunno Guizi Stabenow and Keren Michella de Souza Brandão, who at the beginning did not have time to create new projects, so they had great support from Higor Bezzão, who invested a lot in the studio, and soon arrived new artists, who also embraced the idea. We found amazing artists working in different areas of 3D and 2D, thus creating a big family.

The name Nexidious came from a combination of series and characters that the founders like. Nexus (Nexus event from the Loki series) + Sidious (from the character Darth Sidious from Star Wars).

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